International Women’s Day Breakfast message from Steve

I just wanted to take the time to share with you how impactful this event was for me and all of those in attendance. Najwa Zebian was the guest speaker and her words were powerful and passionate and from a woman’s perspective. Our local is predominately female and her words brought to light the realities women face and how even in this day and age… these realities still exist. I feel she is heroic in coming forward and speaking her truth.

This is why our support of agencies like LAWC who day in and day out fight these injustices, are so invaluable. Megan Walker is a tireless advocate for women everywhere and will never give up, thanks Megan.

I want to say thanks to all the staff of LAWC and all the people whom put on such an incredible event. Thanks to the people who come forward as guests speakers and share their stories and truths. Thanks as well to all of you, the members of CUPE Local 101 that support agencies like LAWC in our communities. Your support is needed and makes a difference.


Yours in Solidarity

Steven Holland


CUPE Local 101