A Note from the President

Good day 101, I am going to share my thoughts and choices for Council, Mayor and Trustees. I have had many ask my thoughts on this subject and in a way to best support you, our local, I decided to prepare this.


My choices are based on my knowledge as well as interviews I have had with some individuals. I have to be honest there are some great people running for these positions and in many races, I could have chosen a different person. In the end, whomever is elected, I look forward to working with any of you and thank each and every person who decided to run for an elected position. It is not easy putting yourself out there in the public eye and facing the scrutiny of so many.


Thanks to all of the candidates and our membership for their engagement. This is one of the few opportunities where we have the chance to choose our bosses and the people who will lead our city forward.

Mayor- Josh Morgan
Ward 1- Hadleigh McAlister
Ward 2- Shawn Lewis
Ward 3- Ainsley Graham
Ward 4- Colleen Murphy and Jarad Fisher
Ward 5- Connor Pierotti
Ward 6- Mariam Hamou
Ward 7 Corrine Rahman
Ward 8 – Steve Lehman
Ward 9- Anna Hopkins
Ward 10- Kevin May
Ward 11- Jeremy McCall
Ward 12- Elizabeth Peloza
Ward 13- John Fyfe-Millar
Ward 14- Sarah Lehman and Danalynn Williams

Trustee TVDSB

Wards 1, 11,12 &14- Sheri Polhill and Lori-Ann Pizzolato
Wards 2,3,4,5, 6- Laura Gonzalez and Marianne Larsen
Wards 7,8,9,10 &13- Sherri Moore and Matt Reid
Trustee Catholic School Board
Wards 1 & 14- Matthew Pizzuti
Wards 2 &14- Sandra Cruz
Wards 5,6 & 7- Gabe Pizzuti
Wards 8,9 &n10- acclaimed Linda Steel
Wards 11,12 & 13- John Jevnikar