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Taking action on climate

Last week Ontario had some of the worst air quality ever from wildfire smoke. It felt apocalyptic. Wildfires continue to rage across Ontario and Canada, and every year the climate emergency is making them worse.

As workers, we care about the planet, jobs, and clean and liveable communities. Collective action in response to the climate emergency can make big changes. CUPE Ontario’s Climate Justice Committee needs you to join the fight for the future of our planet.

Where can CUPE Ontario locals begin? Start with our new toolkit: Your Blueprint for a Green Union is a wealth of information, tools and ideas for taking action on the environment. We have the power to make change.

Your Blueprint for a Green Union

Workers are on the front lines of the climate crisis. We should be on the front lines building solutions too.

Child Care is Worth More

Our WORTH More campaign is working! The Ontario government has clearly heard from the community that they must raise child care wages: Ontario to boost early childhood educator wages.

It’s crucial that the new Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) system is built right: with better pay, better quality and better access. We need a funding formula and workforce strategy that provide decent wages and working conditions for educators and a serious, public plan to expand child care spaces. We need action, NOW!

Help push this campaign over the top by sending a message to your MPP:

Write Your MPP

You can also join our #WorthMore Day of Action on Tuesday, June 20th to demand action on the workforce crisis and tell the Ford government that child care is worth MORE!

Here are some planning tools, media tools, sample letters, sample communications, posters, flyers and infographics to support your actions:

Day Of Action Resources

We would love to hear about your advocacy actions to inspire others across the province and showcase your amazing work. Please take a moment to share your event plans with us in this form:

Day Of Action Events

We are so excited for this opportunity to come together to talk to families, community members and decision makers. Let’s raise our voices for better access for families and decent work for educators!

Worth More Campaign Page

Developmental Services letter to Doug Ford

Tell Premier Ford: It’s time to stand up for those who uplift others!

CUPE Ontario and OPSEU are working together on this campaign to demand immediate action to address the staffing crisis in the developmental services.

Developmental services workers play a critical role in our communities, supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities to live with dignity and independence.

They make a profound contribution to the well-being of families and communities across the province – but their work remains low-paid, precarious, and undervalued.

Sign the open letter to Premier Doug Ford and Michael Parsa, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services asking for immediate action:

Letter to Doug Ford

We are also holding a press event / rally at Minister Michael Parsa’s office on June 19 at 11:30am – come out and demand that Minister Parsa fix this crisis, and increase funding to this critical sector so that no Ontarian is left behind!

And look for more events happening during Developmental Services Appreciation Week, June 19 – 23.


Local 5404 deafblind intervenors

There are more than 200,000 people in Ontario who are deafblind and live with some loss of both hearing and vision. 

For these people, the world can be an inaccessible, challenging, and often lonely place. That’s why intervenors are so critical.

There is some good news: Bargaining is happening this week, on Monday, Thursday, and Friday! In the mean time, you should send their employer, Sensity, a message. Stand with the workers who are the eyes and ears of people who are deafblind:

Tell Sensity: These critical workers deserve stable jobs and fair pay. 

Enough is Enough Campaign



Fed up with the rich getting richer, while workers struggle to get by?

We are, too. And we’re done waiting.

We’re taking action in communities across Ontario. Because enough is enough.

Here are our demands:


As the cost of living increases, wages are staying the same. Here’s what we need to do:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour.
  • Permanently repeal Bill 124, the legislation cutting the pay of public sector workers.
  • End poverty wages across the board.
  • Double Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works rates.
  • Restore and expand decent work laws, including Paid Sick Days and equal pay for equal work.
  • Make it easier for workers to join a union.


Everyone deserves accessible health care and education. We won’t let our public services be sold off for profit.

  • Stop the privatization of our health care.
  • Stop short-changing education.
  • Eliminate user fees.
  • Properly fund all our public services.
  • End the staffing crisis in health care.
  • Slash tuition fees at college and university.
  • Ensure affordable and accessible child care.
  • Treat public sector workers with dignity and respect.


It’s what we need to survive. We shouldn’t have to struggle to afford it.

  • End the price gouging by grocery stores and oil and gas corporations.
  • Impose price caps on groceries, fuel, and basic goods.
  • Pass a Right to Food law that guarantees universal free school meals.
  • Make sure every community has access to healthy and affordable groceries.
  • Make transit free and accessible.
  • Tax the profits of food and oil giants.


Everyone deserves a place to live. We’re ready to win that.

  • Pass real rent control and a Tenants’ Bill of Rights.
  • Launch a province-wide public housing program that builds decent homes in every community.
  • Build housing in a sustainable manner, and without threatening the environment or the Greenbelt.
  • Cap mortgage payments as inflation rates rise.
  • Stop evictions and foreclosures.
  • Create commercial rent control for small businesses.
  • House those without housing instead of policing them.


We all have to pay our fair share. Especially banks and big corporations.

  • Tax the record profits of the banks and the corporations.
  • Make the wealthiest 1% pay their fair share and restore tax rates for the highest earners.
  • End the tax breaks and tax loopholes for banks and corporations.
  • Impose fines on banks and corporations that fail to pay unpaid tax.

Ready to join us? wesayenough.ca

Download the campaign resources here.



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