WSIB Workers Exposure Form

If a CUPE worker believes they have been exposed and has not experienced symptoms yet, they should be encouraged to complete the form, fax or mail a copy to WSIB, and keep a copy for their and potentially our records.
If there are any questions about this or other WSIB related matters, please contact the WSIB Representative assigned to your CUPE Ontario area.

Alex Kerner, David Chezzi, Walter Devoe Workers’ Compensation Department

Communication to Members

If you want to receive messages from CUPE 101, we ask you to provide your non-work contact details.  (i.e. Please provide any or all of these:  Your name, your personal email address, your mailing address, your text or cell phone number, and your role/workplace so we can make sure you are a CUPE 101 member).

This information will not be sold or shared or disseminated with anyone else, it is for use by the Local only.
Again, if you wish to provide your personal contact information for messages only, please send your details to Michelle Sterling, CUPE 101 Executive Assistant, at  
We are in regular contact with Management and will continue to share information as it is received. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with this request.