CUPE convention 2017

Joanne Teutloff, Anna Marie Apau, Teresa Loucks, and Steve Holland were in attendance.

They went to a rally to support our brothers and sisters of Cupe Local 1600, the zoo workers whom are on strike. The met Jagmeet Singh and Jennifer French, both Ontario NDP Politicians out supporting CUPE as they do so well.  There were other NDP leaders as well and supporting CUPE.

The convention was amazing, great solidarity, reviewed Resolutions and Constitutional changes.  Met with our leaders of both CUPE Ontario and National, Fred Hahn, Candace Rennicj, Charles Fleury, and Mark Hancock.  We also reconnected with fellow brothers and sisters from Ontario locals like 122 North Bay, 5167 Hamilton, 129 Pickering, 79 Toronto and many others. We are strong together as a whole and when we unite together we can make change.  There are 250 000 CUPE members in Ontario, and 650 000 across Canada, we are not alone and we are strong.