OFL Rally for Time to Care

OFL Rally for Time to Care

February 27 at noon

Queen’s Park, Toronto

Ontario seniors in long-term homes have waited too long for the care they deserve. Let’s take action now o make Bill 33, the Time to Care Act, the law.

Lunch provided

Buses available

Please contact CUPE Ontario – 905-739-9739

Ontario’s long-term care system is in crisis and is less funded than any other province in Canada. Other provinces provide over half an hour of extra paid care for each resident per day then Ontario  does. This means residents are waiting for hours to get help with feeding., bathing, toileting, and getting out of bed. This crisis has gone on for too long. Bill 33, the Time to Care Act, will make 4 hours of daily, hands-on, the law in Ontario. We need Premier Wynne and MPPs to get it over the finish line.

In late, 2017, the provincial government finally responded to mounting public pressure to make Bill 33, the law. Less than a week after thousands of Ontarian’s called, emailed and petitioned their MPPs to get Bill 33 to pass Second Reading, the Premier made an announcement about four hours of Care.

Unfortunately, the government announcement rang hollow

* There is no plan to legislate a minimum Care standard of 4 hours of direct Care, per resident, per day. Without a standard enshrined in law, there is no way to maintain province-wide standards for seniors;

* There is no timeline for implementation;

* These 4 hours must be hands-on, direct care hours by personal support workers or nursing staff. It should not include sick time, vacation time, or training time – unlike how the government calculates Care hours now.

On Feb. 27, let’s rise up for seniors in long-term Care. Come to Queen’s Park at 12 pm to send the Premier and all our MPPs a clear message: make Time to Care the law in Ontario!