Telephone Town Hall for Members

Free Collective Bargaining and the erosion of Public Services is at Stake!

This Tuesday, as part of their misguided wage restraint consultations, a large delegation of CUPE leadership and staff met with representatives of the provincial government. This meeting comes on the heels of the provincial budget, where cuts to services our members provide are rolling out across the province. While this meeting was just the first step in an ongoing process, it is very important that we update members on what we learned, what we told them, and what our strategy is going forward.  We strongly encourage you to join us for this important Town Hall Conference Call organized for all Local Executive members and staff. We will be dialing out to numbers we have on record, but here is the call in number for people to call in as well:

Date:                           Monday, April 29, 2019

Time:                           6:00 pm

Dial-in number:         1-877-229-8493

Code/Pin:                   114235#

President Fred Hahn, Treasurer Candace Rennick,  and Regional Director Joe Matasic, will update members on the very strong stand we took regarding the legitimacy of these consultations, including using the governments own numbers to show that Ontario public sector workers are not overpaid. Wages are not the reason we have a deficit and the facts are on our side. Ministry of Labour figures show that Ontario’s public sector wages have not kept pace with inflation over the last ten years, and we are mobilizing to ensure that the facts get heard. We hope you join us this Monday.